“There are about a million stairs… so when I was asked to go to Machu Picchu, I kind of laughed and was like, ‘Yeah OK, where are we really going to go?” In the first episode of our new podcast, Let’s Go Together, our host @kelleesetgo speaks with @jessebillauer about his experience climbing Machu Picchu in his wheelchair. 
Last year, T+L reporter @sleasca, followed Jesse on the journey. “The keyword for traveling with a disability is patience,” Jesse said while on the trip, “but everyone deserves the opportunity to travel.” That’s become Jesse’s mission: to show others with disabilities that they have the right to see the world just like anyone else. Hear more about his journey and how he’s paving the way for travelers with disabilities on the first episode of Let’s Go Together. Click the link in bio to download and listen.



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