Hindistan müziklerini takip edenlerin  beğenisine sunduğum klip, hem bütünlüğüyle insanın  içini ısıtacak hem de biraz içinizi cız ettirecek şekilde sizlerle baş başa bırakmak istiyorum. Lütfen sizde bıraktığı etkiyi yorumunuzla birlikte bizlerle paylaşın.

yo I have been rejected and friendzoned by 4 girls.

1st girl: She was in my class from school, she told me love wouldnt work because her dad was very strict and such things were forbidden. Later i found out that she had hooked up with one of my great friends. It was sad.

2nd girl: Somewhat similiar, she had a guy in the past who she couldnt forget, before i could get to know her better she patched up things with him. school

3rd girl: This one was in college second year, I really went mad for this girl who was my junior. We used to sing together. I really was so mad for her, I would run after class just to see her. I used to skip a few as well as first year students had different class timings. We chatted for a while, I decided to tell her about my feelings, I told her but she told me that she was in love with someone else. They werent in a relationship but she really liked him. This one hit me really hard because firstly I had really fallen hard. I was really heartbroken.

4th girl: Again from college, final year I liked this girl because she was very polite, sweet, a really good soul. She rejected me cos all her friends were against me, They told her a lot of things, since I was from a different state and was studying in that state she was from, she thought i was a timepass guy as i would leave after my course there. Its been 6 years since the last thing happened Now you might think this story doesnt have a happy ending, but because of this i could find time for improving myself. I started focusing on my fitness, Travelled to a lot of place i had only dreamed of (Not international). I made very good friends, sometimes i feel like it was for good, I could enjoy a lot in life with freedom.

Umesh Pandey
My crush was getting married but I proposed her anyway and now she is not my wife. Ha ha. Anyway. I have no regret as I have no unspoken desire inside me. I didn’t feel bad because I always knew that love only sets u free. If I love a flower, then I just love it. There’s no reason, there is no future. I don’t need to pluck it or use it. I just love it and that’s all there is for love. Its a feeling of love that u love. The flower is just a medium to make u feel the love. Anyway, now i am married to a beautiful girl and I love her very much. (Edit: thanks for all the likes. I wish u all a happy journey)

Bimal Martin
Damn! Main Rahoon Ya Na… punches right into the heart of those among us who actually lived this experience. And for the lucky ones, this is a frightful reminder that how it would have been if ….. Thank God, really! Some of us have the golden opportunity to get old with our sweet partners which were companions long before the formal marriage took place. I met my lady in 2015. The fear of having to live without each other was huge enough to not let go of each other. We are now a registered couple lol 😉 We wish a beautiful journey to everyone out there.🤗 MartinNeelam❤️❤️

Devefy Ashish First love is always special for everyone . Eveyday I remember those special days when I fall first time in LOVE 😍🤩🥰 . ITS very special moments of my life . But wohi huaa jo hmese hota h. Single side love ki taqat bhut jyaada hoti h . Jisse Maine pyar kiyaaa wo to ab saath nhi h bss itniii duaaa h wo hmese kush there . 😍🥰

Anurag Kumar
Life is weird People come in our life They teach us to laugh They teach us to be happy They teach us to love They teach us to live They finally leave In this busy world Neither we can find them Nor we can forget them But the memory made by them Of smile and sighs Remain with us And life simply goes on!!!!!!

Nanda kumar when i was in college i loved a girl so much so that i can’t even speak before her,my keens starts trembling,my heart beats at a million miles per minute And I shake from being nervous, i always wanted to say how much i love her but this nervousness wins over my feelings for her. i used to prepare a lot before talking to her but however in the end the conversation ends awkwardly. while i was struggling to even talk to her, someother guy had made her to fall in love with him and as the college had also finished ,so now i can’t even see her daily. Years passed and i am not in contact with her. Don’t know how she is or where she is. but my love for her still remained the same. hope one day i’ll get a chance to express my feelings for her.

AhmaD Asim
I m her Only For Listening and Remembering her…💔❤️ I thought she Loved me… But that was Just a fucking thought…. Still i can’t Forget her… doesn’t seems i would ever be able To Forget her memories…. her words… her Expressions…. she didn’t Lik me talking about any other grl…. i was Initially remained very Harsh.. bt with the passage of tim.. i just couldn’t stop myself Falling madly in Love with her… then i let her know.. i cant Live without her.. since that day… She never let me live….💔💔

Divya Dixit
This song just fits my relationship with my father who is no more. And still he lives with me, in my heart, in my soul. This is what I have experienced – when out of nowhere on a boiling day, a breeze gently caresses my face, I know it is papa. When it rains and the sparrow looks at me lovingly, I am sure it is you, papa. There are million instances which reinstate my father’s presence around me. To say I love him or miss him won’t do justice to my feelings for him or his love towards me. Truly the last line – main dikhon ya naa dikhon tum mujhko mehsoos karna, is tailor made for me. I could never follow the video. I thought the song was written for me by my father who penned so many poems for me.

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